Sunday, February 28, 2010


For this project we were asked to combine the design principles of emphasis, contrast, repetition, flow, alignment, and balance into one cohesive design. This design was to have a main focal point, along with a secondary, and tertiary. The main focus was to be Emphasis, so in my design it is. For the secondary focal point I mixed it up a little bit. Instead of just using one principle as the focus, I combined the remaining 4, creating a circular shape, which in itself is the secondary focal point. By using the circle I think the design successfully takes the viewers eye from the main focus of Emphasis, brings it into the circle of the other principles, and then carries the eye over to Balance, which is the tertiary focal point.

In my design I used specific type and size, and shade to bring each principle to life in their own way. For Emphasis, I used a very bold font, and made it the largest in the design as to draw the initial focus, making it the "emphasis" of the design. For Contrast is used a series of different fonts, sizes, and shades, all within the word itself, as to set it apart from the other words in the design. These different effects, which set it apart from the rest, make it a contrasting element as it mixes up the design. To reflect Repetition, I did what the word means, and I repeated an element of the design. This element was the circular secondary focal point. I repeated the circle with the 4 words to make the design more dynamic, and to give "breath" to repetition. To portray the principle of Flow is the reason I chose a circle to incorporate the other elements. The circle makes the piece flow, as it brings your eye from the Emphasis to Balance. The principle of Alignment was a little more difficult, and I think its a little more subtle in my design. Alignment is shown in my design in a few ways: One through the hierarchy of the circles (starting larger and softer, and getting smaller and darker as it goes in). Two through the use of rule of thirds, and its alignment with the focal points. What I mean by this is that, the top of the circles are aligned with the Top of emphasis, and the bottom of the circles end right where Balance begins. And as for Balance, the word does just that; It balances the piece between Emphasis being overpowering and the circular 4 elements being to harsh and busy. It brings all the other principles into focus, and brings control to a seemingly busy/bold design, it balances everything.

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Jessy is my best friend

This jessy shapiro girl in my computer graphics class.. who just dropped out of my photo class.. is totally my best friend in the world.