Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project 2 Final 3

When I was creating this design, my first intention was to portray knowledge. This was because, gaining knowledge is what college is all about. So that was very important to me. The different circles were meant to represent different thought bubbles, which went along with my theme of thoughts and knowledge. The picture of the library is to further portray the concept of knowledge and learning, but along side the picture of the outside path on BCC campus, it shows something else. By juxtaposing these two images, I was trying to contrast the different walks of life that are represented and offered here at BCC. At the same time I was trying to give the viewer and idea of the actual campus itself by showing the outdoors, and the inside of the library. As far as the design principles go I tried to make the BCC logo the emphasis. I did this by contrasting the hash black and white, with the colorful images. I think the eyes are drawn to it because of such a harsh contrast. When it comes to contrast I just went nuts. Not only did I create contrast between the images themselves, but i contrasted the colors of the images, with green and orange which I know to be very powerful colors. Then I contrasted the thought bubble of the BCC logo pretty harshly with the black and white vs. the color in the rest of the design. And i continued to contrast with black outlines around the bubbles to create separation between the images and the background.

When it comes to alignment, I put mot of the circles on the left and right thirds. The only image in the center third is the smiling girl, because that's the image i wanted the viewers eye to end on. When did the the critique in class, the only critique that I was given was to align the word "College" more so with the BCC logo, which was literally just a fraction of a centimeter difference. But now my words within my Logo bubble are all aligned purposefully. And the bubbles themselves are aligned with the rule of thirds. To achieve flow, I placed the bubbles offset from each other so that the eye flows between them and down, from the campus, to the library, all the way down to the girl. So as you go through the piece you are reminded that its BCC you are looking at, so when you reach the girl you mind makes the connection between BCC and the girl being happy and smiling.

I wasn't to concerned with the principle of repetition, but the way i accomplished it was by repeating the idea of the thought bubble. The repeating circles. And for balance, I was constantly thinking about this throughout the design. The images and the bubbles themselves, balances the design itself. To further balance the piece however, Instead of clumping General Course Catalog, and the date together, I put them on opposite ends of the design, bottom left and top right, so they weigh each other out. All in all I think the design is very solid as far as all the design principles are concerned.

Project 2 Final 2

Project 2 Final 1